Good Morning, Vietnam!

Here’s a neat video of a typical day at Tan Son Nhut in 1968. Some great  music from the time.

WARNING: There are some scenes of the war that may be disturbing, starting at 6:30 in the video.

Hamfist Over Hanoi Free Download!

Hamfist Over Hanoi is a free Kindle download for the next three days. Here’s your chance to vicariously experience Operation Linebacker and Linebacker II, mentioned in the Rolling Thunder video. This would make a great (free) gift to any baby-boomers you know who have Kindles!Over Hanoi CoverAs usual, Reviews on Amazon are greatly appreciated!



50th Anniversary of the Start of Rolling Thunder

March 2nd marks the fiftieth anniversary of the start of Operation Rolling Thunder, the air offensive against North Vietnam, the most heavily defended area in the world. This video is an excellent summary of the operation, with compelling documentary footage.

Slow HAND SALUTE to the brave pilots of Rolling Thunder.

Vietnam War Story

As you may know, the stories in the Hamfist series are fiction, inspired by actual events. If you want to read one of those actual events, it’s posted on the Cherries website. If you read Hamfist Over Hanoi, you’ll recognize the story. This one has real names and is totally true. Okay – it’s as totally true as a war story can get when it’s told 40 years later!

And if you want to know what the war was like for the Army troops slogging through the jungle while we Air Force types were in our air-conditioned hootches, you can’t get better than Cherries, a novel by John Podlaski, inspired by his own tour of duty in Vietnam.