How To Read Kindle Books On Your PC

All of our Hamfist books are initially released in Kindle format, then later offered as paperback books. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read books in Kindle format (.mobi format) with this free Kindle-for-PC program.

By the way, having an e-book reader can really change your reading habits, since you can carry your entire library in the palm of your hand. The prices keep coming down, and the capabilities keep improving.


Vietnam Veterans Day


March 29th is Vietnam Veterans Day. This date every year is designated as a day of reflection and commemoration to pay respects to the veterans who served during the Vietnam War.

As our way of marking the occasion, we are offering a link to Chapter One of the upcoming novella, Frag Order. The Prologue is already posted under our Sample Chapters tab.  Everyone who registers at our website will receive an email link to Chapter Six.

Frag Order is a Hamfist spinoff, written with the intention of being offered as a Kindle Single, which is limited in length to 30,000 words.

Many of you have been asking when Frag Order will be released. The best answer is to paraphrase Orson Wells, who said, “We will sell no wine before its time.” The novella is really close to being ready – perhaps another week or two. Thank you for your patience!

Here is the working description:

It’s 1969. Someone is sabotaging American facilities at DaNang Air Base, South Vietnam. Colonel John “Guns” Navarone, haunted by his decision to assign his inexperienced younger brother to a dangerous mission over North Vietnam two years earlier, must now work with his estranged nephew, an OSI agent, to catch the saboteur. Casualties and damages have been mounting with each strike, and they must stop the perpetrator before he can stage one last spectacular attack. And time is running out.
Frag Order CoverVietnam Veterans, Thank You for your service!


National Medal of Honor Day

March 25th is National Medal of Honor Day.

Three Forward Air Controllers (FACs) received the Medal of Honor for their service in Vietnam. Two received their medals posthumously, and their names appear on the FAC Memorial in Colorado Springs:

Memorial 2The three FAC recipients are Hilliard Wilbanks, Steven Bennett, and George “Bud” Day. You can read the biography and citation by clicking or the name or photo below. The stories of their bravery, dedication and sacrifice are an inspiration to us all.

Captain Hilliard Wilbanks


Captain Hilliard A. Wilbanks

Captain Steven Bennett


Colonel George Day




Radiant Crossing is here!

There’s a lot of interest in B-777 aircraft right now due to the recent tragic events in Asia. If you’d like a little glimpse into B-777 cockpit activities, you may want to read Radiant Crossing. The story was developed as part of a cooperative writer’s group, where each member would write a The 5000-word chapter dealing with an aspect of what would happen in the event of a complete failure of the power grid as the result of solar activity on the day after Thanksgiving.

Radiant Crossing

Radiant Crossing has been a free download on Amazon and Smashwords for several months now. If you don’t have an ebook reader, or simply prefer to read it on your computer, you can read it right here, on this website!

If you like it, please add your own Review on Amazon.


Forty-Nine Years Ago

March 8-9, 1965 – the U.S. Marines landed at DaNang. Battalion Landing Team 3/9 was the first ashore, in full battle gear. By the time the Third Marine Division left Vietnam in November 1969, more than 20 members of the Third Mar Div received the Congressional Medal of Honor.


Quotes To Consider

“We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” – George Orwell

“A veteran is someone who wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including his life.” – Colonel Gene Castagnetti

Thank You, Military Families!

Here are some great video clips of homecoming reunions. As funds for our military are being cut, and our men and women are serving multiple tours of duty, it’s time to recognize the sacrifices of the families of our military members.

So here’s a big THANK YOU to our military families!

Get out the Kleenex, and enjoy!

Happy President’s Day!

George Washington’s birthday (Feb 22, 1732) has been combined with Abraham Lincoln’s (Feb 12, 1809) to be celebrated as President’s Day on the third Monday in February. This year it will be celebrated on Feb 17, 2014.

Weather permitting (lots of luck if you’re on the east coast!), there may be some patriotic displays and events. And if you’re a vet, you may find some special discounts. Here is a list of military and veteran discounts at selected national retail establishments.

It’s a three-day weekend – drive safely!