Hamfist Over The Trail Wins Gold Medal!

This has been a really great week for Hamfist. First, we found that Hamfist Down! was a finalist for the Military Writers Society of America Annual Book Awards, then we discovered that MWSA had selected Hamfist Down! as Book of the Month.

Today, we were notified that Hamfist Over The Trail won the Gold Medal in the Global eBook Awards in the category of Historical Fiction – 1940-Now.

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Hamfist Sequel Is Under Way!

Hamfist Out, the sequel to the Hamfist Trilogy, is now in development. The story line follows Hamfist after he returns from his second Southeast Asia tour, with his assignment to Kadena Air Base, in Okinawa.

Progress has been steady, and I expect to publish Hamfist Out in another two months. I’ll tell the world when it’s out, and you can track the book’s progress on this website. In the meantime, here’s a sample chapter to whet your appetite, and thanks for your support and patience!