Outstanding Vietnam War Series!

It’s been a while since I recommended some books for readers in the Hamfist genre, and I’ve been remiss for not mentioning these sooner. When it comes to Vietnam air war action books, they don’t get better than the Wings of War series! The author, Mark Berent, writes from an extensive background in Vietnam combat. (Turns out, he was a Wolf fast-FAC with Brad Sharp, the pilot who became my squadron commander when I was at Ubon a few years later. You can read about Brad’s last mission here.) During his three tours in Vietnam, Mark did lots of remarkable things, like going out on a field mission with the grunts, and even jumping on combat missions with Cambodian paratroopers!

Reading Mark’s books launched me on a long trip down memory lane, culminating with me writing my Hamfist series of novels. I guess my recollections from Vietnam had been percolating inside me for some time, just waiting for the right time to come out.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Wings of War is a five-part series that follows pilot Court Bannister, pilot Toby Parker, and Special Forces officer Wolf Lochert through their successive combat tours in Vietnam. Along the way, we see real events like Johnson and McNamara micro-managing the war, the outrageous abuse of American Pilots held at the Hoa Lo prison, and the claim of an attack on the Russian ship Turkmenestan.

Along the way, we see powerful scenes, such as Toby Parker’s metamorphosis, a scene highly reminiscent of an event in Berent’s life, recounted here, where he had a life-changing interaction with future Medal-of-Honor winner George “Bud” Day.

You really should read the Wings of War series in order, starting with Rolling Thunder. You can find the books on Amazon by clicking on the covers below, or by visiting Mark’s website.


rolling thundersteel tiger


eagle station

storm flight