I’m finally getting around to a blog where I can interact with my readers.

So let me have it Рtell me  what you like and what you hate.

If I cry, you won’t see it!

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  1. George,

    I have read your first three books and loved them. I have on order Hamfist Out: The Chill is Gone. I would love to read Radiant Crossings but can not find it in book form. Is it possible that you will publish it as a paperback some day?

    I was in Viet Nam from October 1966 to October 1967 flying the C-7A into special forces camps all over South Viet Nam. I then flew for United Airlines from February 10, 1970 to January 1, 2002. My last three years at United was flying the Boeing 777. That is what has generated interest in your book Radiant Crossings.

    Phil Jach

  2. I enjoyed flying with Ham and “living his dream”. Your writing style makes one feel like you are part of the story. I had twoVietnam tours have been blessed to see the “Hams” doing their thing sometimes a little too close!

    I would fly with Ham anytime ….. hope he flys again !!!

    Ken Melton
    LtCol USA (Ret)

  3. Great read, you put right in the action. I stationed at NKP worked for Task Force Alpha. Heard many intresting things over the trail mikes. I flew Hillsboro the last year of the war down aroubd PP. Hope to read more about Ham. Thanks again for a great book.

  4. Hello, I have read you Hamfist books and greatly enjoyed them! I was stationed with 22nd TASS at Bien Hoa in June 1970, I was a weapons specialist. I enjoyed reading about how the FAC pilots carried out their mission, something that I never really learned while I was stationed there, as my tour was cut short. On June 11, 1970 I walked in the prop of an OV 10 and was critically injured. Anyway I recovered and went on with my life.

    Chuck Walton, AIC USAF Ret.

  5. George,
    Enjoyed “The Chill is Gone” on Kindle.
    Memories of our time at Kadena were not all good, but glad to revisit those times. My last duty tour at TAC HQ was the one that convinced me my USAF time was over. The chill goes away for most of us at some moment.

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