I want to share some great books I’ve read recently. They’re all in my genre, so I guess they compete with me, but I don’t see it that way. If you like my books, you’ll probably like these, and vice-versa.

I’ll try to add a new favorite every couple of posts, so you’ll still have time to read my books!

The first I want to mention is a book I read quite a while ago, that’s now finally available on Kindle. It’s Final Authority, by Bob and Joe Dobransky. If you like Action/Drama/Romance in the Aviation genre, you’ll really enjoy this book!



Update –

I know I said I’d only post every couple of days, but I wanted to put this next book on your radar before the price goes back from $2.99 to the normal $8.99.

If you liked the Hamfist Trilogy, you’re going to LOVE Viper Pilot! This book takes shit-hot fighter pilot stories to a new level. And, as a memoir, it’s all true!


When you read this book, you feel like you’re standing next to the author in the O’Club bar as he’s shooting down his watch with his other hand. I haven’t finished the book yet; when I do, I’ll post a Review at Amazon. Right now I’m at the part where the author (and remember, this is a true story), a brand-new Captain, is in the bar and tells a Major (a ground-pounder), “Fuck off”. If you’ve read Hamfist Over The Trail, you’ll realize that “Two Dogs” was channeling Hamfist!

And, by the way, that part of the Hamfist story really happened also!

Snag this book while you can!

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