AO – Area of Operations

BDA – Bomb Damage Assessment

Below the zone – Promotion earlier than normal sequence

BOQ – Bachelor Officer’s Quarters

CBU – Cluster Bomb Unit

DEROS – Date Eligible for Return from OverSeas

DOS – Date of Separation

ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival

FAC – Forward Air Controller

Fingertip – Close formation flying, 3-foot wingtip spacing

Gomer – Guy On Motorable Enemy Route

Initial – The first portion of a visual overhead landing pattern

IP – Instructor Pilot

M-1 maneuver – grunting to increase thoracic pressure

Mark 82 – A 500-pound bomb

MiG – Russian fighter jet, Mikoyan and Gurevich

Mike-mike – millimeter

MPC – Military Personnel Center

Nape – Napalm

OER – Officer Effectiveness Report

PCS – Permanent Change of Station

PDA – Public Display of Affection

Piddle pack – Portable urinal

RNO – Results Not Observed

SAM – Surface to Air Missile

Short-timer – Someone nearing DEROS

Slicks – Bombs with no high-drag metal parachute fins

Snake – Bombs with metal parachute fins

TDY – Temporary Duty

TOT – Time Over Target

URC-64 – Portable Survival Radio

VOQ – Visiting Officer’s Quarters

Willie Pete – White phosphorous rocket